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Cyclocross Program

Cyclocross Program:

Cyclocross is a great entry point to the sport of cycling. It’s the perfect tool for developing bike skills and getting started on the bike and with racing. We’ve built an incredible team of coaches who bring a high level of passion and experience to the program.

What is cyclocross and why is it good for juniors/women?

Typical cyclocross courses are 1.5- to 2-mile loops on a mix of paved and off-road surfaces over flat-to-rolling terrain. But what makes cross such a unique and challenging sport is that courses always include obstacles that force riders to dismount and run while carrying their bikes. It is a fusion of road and mountain with a sprinkle of bmx to equal intense fun and challenges that spark the love of riding!

For example, most courses feature short, steep (often muddy) sections (who doesn’t like playing in the mud?). Also, courses include series of man-made barriers scattered around the course requiring riders to carry their bikes over or, as riders develop, they can attempt to jump their bikes over the obstacles (called “bunny-hopping”). It’s this combination of cycling, stunt riding, carrying, running and scrambling over obstacles that makes cyclocross so exciting, such a phenomenal workout and so crazy much fun!

Cyclocross is a perfect intro into cycling for riders because it provides a fun, safe, and positive environment that allows juniors/women to thrive at whatever level they are at. The sport also allows riders to develop further skills that can help in other cycling disciplines if they want to branch out. Cyclocross offers challenges in a fun way to build confidence and install the love of the bike. With courses being so spectator friendly, riders get support from the sidelines from family, friends, fellow riders, and fans. The environment of practices, races, and the sport in general is laid back, supportive, and fun to create a one of a kind experience for all riders.

2020 Season details coming soon

Breakaway Cycling Team’s Mission:

Breakaway Cycling Team (BCT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to eliminating barriers for junior/young adult/women cyclists in Northwest Arkansas, empowering individuals with enduring life skills, giving back, making positive impacts and creating exceptional individuals on and off the bike.

Cycling Promotes:

• Dedication and Determination
• Work ethic and Competitiveness
• Team work
• Respect and Honor
• Healthy lifestyle
• Confidence
• Sportsmanship and so much more!