Based in Northwest Arkansas


Women’s Elite Team

Our Elite Women are passionate about many things: racing, training, and paving the way for more women while showing young girls anything is possible. These women are not just racing for themselves, they are racing to make a positive impact and grow the woman side of the sport. They give back and join the organization’s overall missions as they serve as role models for all. Excuse us for bragging, but they are kind of a big deal!

Leigh Ann Fields

Race Age: 37
State you live in: Oklahoma

How much did your bike cost?:

ummmm… Slightly more than I told my husband… But, I sold some other things to make me feel better about the price… Honestly, I would rather not think about how much this hobby cost.

Jessica Brooks

Race Age: 40
Fayetteville, AR

I bought a bike about 5 years ago to do triathlon and quickly ditched everything else. Nothing in moderation for me, so I worked hard to learn the ways of cycling and racing and made my way up through the ranks. You can find me spending my free time at my day job (VP at JB Hunt Transport) or with my two kids and awesome husband, Matt.

Aubrey Drummond

Race Age: 18
Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Do you want another piece of cake?

“…is that an actual question?”

Katy Simmons

Race Age: 40
Little Rock, AR

Advanced Team

Our advanced team of riders is made up of riders who have personally decided to join the organization’s mission while advancing in the sport. This group of riders is made up of cat 4 or above riders that travel nationally, while giving back to help develop the new riders and make a positive impact in the cycling community. They are setting out to develop better road cycling infrastructure, race as team, and get more kids on bikes, all while generating positive/fun environments to shed a new light on road cycling and what is truly about. They truly represent!

Jake Schneidewind

Race Age: 25
State you live in: Arkansas

Isn’t it a bit cold for a bike ride?

Heck yeah it’s too cold! This kind of sucks! But you know what? I’m gonna ride out here anyway because if I don’t I’ll be grumpy and feel crappy all day and probably also get fat from eating too much cereal or something. Plus riding bikes is awesome.

Will Peterson

Race Age: 18
Hometown: Bentonville, AR

What do you do if it rains?

“Well, I’m going to get wet wether I ride back to my car when the rain starts or finish my ride. So, I might as well finish the ride. However, lightning is a different story, then I’ll cut the ride short.”

Easton Bouma

Race Age: 17
Hometown: Rogers, AR

People ask me all the time don’t you think you look silly in that lycra?…my response is always the same, I look silly in everything and most times it intentional. I also tell them being aero isn’t about being pretty, its all about speed…I’d wear a housecoat if it made me faster on the bike.

Jacob Smith-Peters

Racing age: 19
State: Arkansas

I’ve been racing bikes for three years now. And, If you haven’t seen me prancing around in public wearing Lycra, while tapping my cycling cleats on the floor with a full head of helmet hair, you have not seen me. My favorite part of bike riding is staring at your rear wheel until the final 100 yards. Did you say “casual group ride?”

Joel Bouma

Racing Age: 19
Lives in: Rogers, Arkansas

I always get asked is, isn’t it uncomfortable sitting on that saddle? My answer: I once rode an entire Mountain Bike Race without a saddle after it fell off. I had to stand up for the entire race…so now I don’t care how it feels as long as it’s there.

Grant Lampson

Racing Age: 18
Bethel Heights, Arkansas

I have always enjoyed racing bikes as I have raced BMX and mountain bikes for many years before I got into road cycling in 2018. I enjoy road racing, but especially like criteriums. The style of high speed, tight corners, and short racing is something that suits me very well. Breakaway Cycling has taught me everything I need to know for this upcoming year, and I cannot thank the sponsors and coaches enough (and for making me realize wearing lycra is worth it)

Regional Team

The Regional Team is made up of various levels of riders that may have different ambitions but share in the passion for riding and wanting more knowledge. Regional team is mid-level to the sport and learning multiple skills that will help them on and off the bike. Regional team trains together and races as a team. The level they want to take things is up to them as coaches/staff support the riders as individuals while also implementing a team approach. These juniors/women are paving the way for more and are a great example of the importance and values of cycling!

Adrienne Schlake

Race Age: 32
Hometown: Fayetteville, AR

Do you do triathlon?

If by triathlon you mean running into the store for a few things I forgot from my shopping list, and swimming in Beaver Lake on a hot summer day? Yes, I am 100% a triathlete.

Madison Gramling

Race Age: 30
Hometown: Prairie Grove, AR

Shall we store your bike in the garage?

No but thanks for the offer! You will always find at least one bike in my living room. My gravel bike only goes in the garage when it is muddy!

Zoe March

Race Age: 16
Hometown: Bentonville, AR

Why don’t you just drive?

Well, when you’re riding your bike, going 35 feels like you’re going 100. And obviously I don’t drive that fast, ever, not even close.

Luke Bray


Race Age: 18
Hometown: Bentonville, AR

How much does your bike weigh?

If you divide x grams by the rotational differential and factor in wind resistance then my bikes weighs a little less than yours.

Alex McKinstry

Race Age: 19
Hometown: Bentonville, AR

Do you need all of those gadgets? Absolutely not, but it plays a huge part in progression.

Bryce Watson

Race Age: 16
Hometown: Bentonville, AR

Do you need to ride that far?

Yes, actually I do. I love pushing the distance farther and farther every time I ride. Most times it’s not the physical challenge of doing it, it’s the mental challenge that I love.