Based in Northwest Arkansas

How to Join

Road Team

Junior Development (Devo)Team will hold ID Camps at the start of each season to decide the roster for that year. Each year we accept any rider onto the Devo team that is interested age 13-18. We hold the ID Camps to give interested riders a chance to learn about us and ask questions prior to joining. There is no certain criteria to meet for development team but we do want to ensure all potential members are aware of how BCT runs and that everything is a good fit for a successful season!

Advanced Race Team is by invite only decided upon by Breakaway Cycling Team staff.

If there are spots on roster still open or spots that become open mid-season and a rider is interested in the team, then Breakaway will invite that rider to join an organized team ride to view that rider’s performance. BCT will choose to invite new team members based on a case to case basis that will be fair and equal for riders but to Breakaway’s discretion on what best fits the team’s needs and benefits the entire team. Non-experienced/new riders have the opportunity to attend a development organized team ride to learn more and see if they would like to join.

If interested in joining with BCT road team, please use the contact form.



2018 Cyclocross programs were extremely successful! We got kids on bikes, had fun, and play in the dirt! 2019 is going to be even better! We are redesigning our programs to reach more kids and even add women’s programs! Stay tuned for more info, coming soon. Cyclocross programs will be open to any junior 8-18 and women riders at any level.