Based in Northwest Arkansas

Our Mission

  • Breakaway Cycling Team is a non-profit 501 c(3) serving all of the NWA area. Our mission is to grow the community and serve demographics that are underserved including youth and women. Our programs aim to eliminate barriers, teach life skills that will translate to the real world, provide education and empowerment that will keep individuals healthy for life, and generate a full circle program that shows the importance of building community to foster future volunteers and community leaders.
  • Our programs provide the only junior and advanced women cycling programs in the state. Cycling is a great avenue to teach various skills and build community all while developing a healthier life style. We strive to eliminate barriers for under privileged kids, provide high level coaching, and community resources to ensure multiple needs are being filled. Cycling builds determination, hard work ethics, team work, confidence, dedication, healthy lifestyle, respect, honor, and more.
  • As part of our program, all members have to give back and serve the community, they are taught to share the gift of cycling and encouraged to share the knowledge they are given. They receive everything from mechanic knowledge, proper nutrition, team building, and more. All things that builds community leaders. Our program is designed to be full circle meaning we want to grow and build the community while involving community. Cycling teaches and grows one as a whole while being something that can last a lifetime.
  • Our program has been extremely successful. We open the door to any youth wanting to join and serve the individual based on their needs while taking a team approach as well. Our advanced women’s program will be a community outlet that will serve as a resource for all beginner women wanting to build life skills and become empowered.
  • Our women are very successful as competitors but show one can achieve great things through hard work and self-perseverance. Our women’s program will pave the way for young girls and be the first to show and encourage the girls in our community that they can reach higher and achieve great things in life. Cycling is used to teach this, and we continuously relate this to the real world.
  • We have found a way to develop, empower, and produce well rounded individuals giving them the resources and support needed while also creating a system of giving back that will literally positively impact all of the community and cycling.