Based in Northwest Arkansas

Outreach Programs

Breakaway Cycling Team is dedicated to growing community, collaborations, and supporting other organizations in order to build better infrastructure and make positive changes to promote sustainability and growth in cycling.

Women’s Outreach:

Breakaway Cycling Team wants to grow and support all women who want to road race. Our organization reaches out to all surrounding women’s teams and individuals to offer support and collaboration that is beneficial for all. We believe women are a great face and representatives for road cycling and there currently is a large lack of proper support for them. We want to change that! We believe sharing resources, knowledge, and hanging out is just good stuff and should be done regardless of one’s team. We are stepping up to try and create a women’s network that we welcome all that are interested to be a part of. We already support several beginner women’s race teams with race day support, providing/sharing good organizational practices to help create better sustainable teams, and providing skills clinics hosted by our Elite women/coaches. If you are a beginner woman or women’s team interested in racing and needs help-reach out-we want to help!!! Let’s do this together!

Junior Outreach:

Here at Breakaway Cycling we believe there are so many positive outcomes from cycling for youth; dedication, confidence, team work, determination, humbleness, health knowledge, and more. We want to ensure there is proper junior support in the area as juniors are the future. We strive to develop and implement programs and infrastructure for junior cycling for all juniors. Beyond our junior road cycling teams, we collaborate with race directors to help begin to implement better junior race practices to help attract and maintain juniors in the sport, develop and hold various other junior cycling programs such as cyclocross and summer skills clinics, and advocate for better junior treatment within all realms of the sport. Juniors find themselves in a unique situation in competitive road cycling and without the proper support mentally and physically juniors are set up to fail. We are here to change that! We set the base for success and are always looking for more ways to provide more support and build infrastructure.