Based in Northwest Arkansas


Tier 1 – Outreach Program for Beginner/Recreational Riders

Giving back and building the cycling community is important to BCT. Therefore, BCT shall develop an outreach program aimed at educating and supporting juniors interested in the sport. The outreach program is free of cost to junior riders. BCT shall organize group rides for juniors to teach basic road cycling skills and provide an opportunity to learn about road cycling. The organized rides shall be open to all ages of juniors and shall focus on fun and safety! BCT encourages parents to join to build a stronger community and family bonds through cycling. BCT shall not be responsible for any accidents or injuries and all participants must have a legal guardian sign a waiver prior to riding. BCT offers a road riding experience but riders accept all risks. Participants are not official Breakaway Cycling Team members.

Tier 2 – Development Team ( Devo Team)

BCT shall provide a development team that allows beginners to progress into racing by developing individual and team road racing skills and knowledge. For cyclists ages 13-18, the Devo team will race at local events in the junior and/or category 5 levels. There will be a fee to participate on the Devo team. Riders will receive:

• Basic knowledge about racing, team/race tactics, handling skills, basic training plans, bike maintenance, nutrition, and more
• 1 Devo team kit – jersey and shorts at a minimum
• Coaching support
• Organized training rides
• Basic proper fit
• Reimbursement of race fees – decided upon by BCT staff

Tier 3 – U23 Race Team

BCT shall develop a U23 Race Team for dedicated, advanced Arkansas racers under racing age 23. The roster will be determined through invitation only by the BCT management and U23 coach. Candidates must hold a minimum of a Category 4 license and commit to training and racing from December through September with a 12 month period, which is a race season. The goal is to develop racers and the team to compete at a national level. Riders will receive:

• Advanced knowledge of racing, handling skills, bike maintenance, team/race tactics, nutrition, and more
• 2 kits and other gear decided upon by BCT staff
• Travel and race fees reimbursed-decided upon by BCT staff
• Detailed professional fits
• Indoor winter training
• Personal training plans
• Coaching support
• Organized training rides