Based in Northwest Arkansas

Staff and Board of Directors

Tiffany Dixon
The Head Guru

Tiffany has been passionate about getting people on bikes and making a positive impact in the community for several years. She saw the huge benefits cycling creates in a youth’s life both on and off the bike. She also saw the lack of proper support for juniors for all levels. She started helping youth however she could and with the help of others formed Breakaway Cycling Team as an official non-profit organization in 2016. Since then Tiffany has dedicated her life to helping youth at all levels, set/form proper infrastructure for road cycling/cyclocross within the community, generate collaborations that positively impacts the community as a whole, support women cyclists of all levels while providing the only support for Elite women in the area, and change the face of road cycling into a more optimistic future for all. She believes in empowering all and changing the world for the better and uses cycling/bikes as an avenue to reach those goals. From team director, certified coach, soigneur, to so-so mechanic, Tiffany makes it her daily life’s mission to support her team’s riders, grow cycling, and help everyone in the community she can. Basically, you name it and she does it-hence the head guru title. We are not sure what else to call her. Tiffany is a former educator and holds a master’s degree in strategic planning/HRD workforce development in which she brings her multi talents of business, logistics, planning, teaching, supporting, and everything else to bring all of this together into a successful organization serving multiple realms.

Brad Schrag
Head Coach / Mechanic / Tech Guy

Brad is a certified level 2 USA Cycling and Training Peaks coach. Brad has been a vital part of Breakaway Cycling Team since its founding and has volunteered his services ever since. He serves as coach to advanced and devo riders, team mechanic, and all-around nice guy who helps out wherever he can. Brad has ridden bikes his whole life from riding across Kansas as a child to being a counselor at summer mountain bike camps for kids in CO. He has done it all and comes with extensive knowledge. Brad currently is a high-level competitive road cyclist and makes a point to represent road cycling in a positive light while setting an example for Breakaway riders to follow. Brad also participates in cyclocross as a racer and advocate for the sport. Brad brings his tech savvy skills, thorough knowledge of numbers, technology, equipment, and understanding of athletes inside and out to help the team reach new heights.

Jake Schneidewind
Head Coach / Team Photog / Mechanic

As a former junior cyclist, Jake always wished he’d had an organization/team that would really get behind him and other juniors to help develop them as athletes. Jake started riding mountain bikes at 11 years old and found a lifelong sport in Cycling. It wasn’t until he was 14 that he entered his first road race and became hooked. He took to cycling quickly and by the time he was 18 he was racing CAT 2 Road, CAT 2 cyclocross, and CAT 1 cross country mountain bike, traveling all over North America. The training was demanding and the competition fierce and he loved it all. One thing he learned through all of this was that becoming a cyclist at a young age without proper guidance and support is very difficult and even demoralizing at times. Cycling can be a very tough sport. Through his experiences and lessons learned growing up as a cyclist he hopes to help others grow in the sport. Jake has a degree in exercise and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Victor Gruel

Victor is a successful entrepreneur from the great state of Arkansas. He and his partner Daphne Bryant bootstrapped Custom Electronics and grew it to be a leader in its’ industry. He is a driven individual that is passionate about everything he does. This passion as it relates to cycling is evident to anyone that meets him. He was a founding sponsor of NICA in Northwest Arkansas, he is a member and supporter of OORC and of Breakaway Cycling Team. Victor turned to cycling to improve deteriorating health and with his usual vigor for whatever he does, he has rapidly excelled. He proudly displays 5 Arkansas State Championship Jerseys on his office wall. His passion for cycling and proven leadership make he a good fit to serve on our board.

Jessica Brooks

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Rob Grunnagle

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